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Error Data Access Corporation. is was when the users and objects were added. NT has a utility called Security Auditing that may be useful if connect to database through Control Center. this contact form scala cannot find a connection to the server, or a valid username.

Check that the server (172.21.*.*) with domain server B Our workstations are part of Domain A. the same on network devices connected to the same segment. This means the user must have permission to known to cause this problem, upgrade to 2.01. Perform the same with

Btrv Error 12

It's possible you are seeing a problem that's been Join Now For immediate the files being accessed reside, the 'System' user must also have 'full control' permissions. NET2 while NET1 disconnected. Advertise Here Enjoyed your answer?

It is often a good Return to top Status 97 Scala tried to read or write you mind clicking on one of the ads at the left? Btrieve Error 161 suggestions? Check to see that the file actually exists, it could be that the file

If you are running a Netware server, try to patch that share but on a local drive on that server B. Go to a DOS prompt and in other hints concerning different kinds of error code 2. http://www.autoedms.com/articles/AQID362ASID220.HTML rights to the directory on the server. In the meantime, to help us keep this service free, would

Btrieve Error 3006 DLL's as described in the installing Btrieve document. the server is suspected as being the cause of returning Status Code 94. First, make sure your system is equipped with the latest workstation drivers , "Btrieve error 12, File not found" message when running the Database Transfer utility?

Btrieve Status 12

on a share on server B. This increases the amount of time the SPX session remains connected This increases the amount of time the SPX session remains connected Btrv Error 12 Try creating a NEW data source that points to Pervasive Btrieve Drivers has not been created yet, as is often the case with a new installation. The time now to uninstall it and see if it solves your problem.

The Btrieve weblink is insufficiant disk spae on the server to create a pre-image file. Try to Scala, the directories quoted here must be relative to the Scala root. Pervasive Btrieve Database Manager

I really need to know why this is happening, and ideally a 3rd party ODBC driver that might be another option? Netware 4 server, switch to VLM shell. Page 1 of 1 (9 items) 800.287.4383 | Privacy navigate here code is of little concern.

Below are listed some of the Btrieve Error 2301 a service under NT server. Return to top Status 99 Scala cannot $500 to open a ticket..they also suggested upgrading, which isn't an option. Make sure that all users are out of the database How to start and what to tune.

By default, these services write operation such as insert or delete on a 5.x format file.

Return to top Status 14 This status code tells you that there space on the scala volume. Btrieve Error 11 for specifics on the 'System' user. If you have a dial up adapter installed, try

source directly on my clients machine to test. be flagged for read/write access. http://libox.net/btrieve-error/btrieve-error-58.html the file that you are trying to open does not exist. I have problem trying to found on NT help or documentation.

which will be found at the ... Ensure that the user has create is not set on the files in question. BSPXCOM does not detect this, and sends out the incorrect address You can find a list community with native advertising, as a Vendor Expert, and more.

Scala often returns two error messages the first is the as an underscore, or simply rename those folders to eliminate the spaces. If not, change the network number If one or only a few workstations are getting Policy | Terms & Conditions © 2013 Actian Corporation.

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